Full Body Licious Review – Flavia Del Monte Full Body Licious, Female Formula For A Flawless Body

Written on:December 7, 2013
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Full Body Licious Book Review

It is all about the woman in this Flavia Del Monte’s full body Licious DVD program. It’s all about losing that fat and getting that toned and sexy figure that you have always desired. Flavia del Monte brings to you a series of DVD full body Licious program that is more than certain to get you that fitness and health that you so desire.

Full body Licious DVD download by Flavia Del Monte has been getting a lot of online buzz with the ‘force’ formula introduced by Flavia Del Monte. Unlike other weight loss schemes out there that generalizes all the techniques and assumes that it is suiting for everyone, this full body Licious DVD blueprint, introducing the ‘forceformula, is specifically designed for those women who are willing to go the extra mile and see breathtaking and remarkable weight loss results.

As a woman you can finally say goodbye to strenuous exercises and workouts that is supposed to help men build up their muscular structures, and start being focused on introduced workout procedures in this full body Licious system that will get you that body you’ve always dreamed of. You can get this system right now and skip past all the long talk. Full body Licious a female’s formula for a flawless figure really works and is guaranteed to give you a flawless figure.

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Basic Facts about the Full Body Licious by Flavia Del Monte

Product Name: Full Body LiciousFull Body Licious

Product Author: Flavia Del Monte

Official Webpage:

Product Format: DVD

Customer Support: Excellent

Refund Policy: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Who is Flavia Del Monte?

Flavia Del Monte is a registered nurse, certified trainer and a master level nutrition certified expert. She has been featured in some of the top most fitness magazines around and she has also helped thousands of women get the fitness, health and sexy figure that they have always desired.

What is the ‘Force’ Formula?

The ‘force’ formula is an acronym introduced in the full body Licious DVD collection by Flavia Del Monte. It is a formula that is generated by the author Flavia Del Monte herself and has been dubbed one of the most effective fat loss formulas.

F – Stands for full body workouts that are completely dedicated to slimming down proportions in your body.

O – Stands for organized overload workouts, where every workout exercise in this full body Licious DVD will be structured and organized around science, strategy and the female’s body structure.

R – Stands for radical and rapid movements for rapid results.

The force formula is nothing but efficient, effective and very much essential to get you that lean, thin and sexy figure that you have always wanted.

What You Will Find Inside Full Body Licious Video Package

The first DVD in this Flavia del Monte full body Licious video system will tell you about how you can get that tight and trim thighs using some very specific techniques and workout procedures that is certain to get you that trimmed thighs that you desire which isn’t pear-shaped.

From the second DVD of full body Licious system DVDs, you will get the show off stomach. Discover breakthrough exercises and workouts that will give you awesome abdominals and a flat tummy that you would want to show off at any given opportunity. Flavia full body Licious system is certain to get you the flattened and feminine abs that would make you feel confident and sexy.

Full body Licious system DVD 3 is all about booty boosting as you discover the full body Licious workout technique that is sure to make your butt protrude and become more pronounced and sexy. This technique works on all 3 major muscles in the butt, as you make men turn and stare anytime they pass by.

The fourth DVD of this powerful full body Licious DVD Flavia del Monte system is all about developing sleek and shapely shoulders. Full body Licious tells you why your shoulders are the best muscles that you can work on that will easily create the illusion of slimmer waste. Getting your shoulders sleek and shapely will ensure that as a woman you would be more confident trying on straps and strapless dresses.

The fifth DVD collection of this system is the beautiful backside. Inside this full body Licious program manual, you will discover workout techniques that will ensure you have the most amazing backside that will have men drooling anytime they see you.

There’s so much more in Flavia’s full body Licious system including some very amazing bonus packages that would make certain that you get your money’s worth when you purchase this program.


The Flavia Del Monte’s guide comes in a easy to understand electronic format which requires you to devote your attention to achieving your goal of being turned into a flawless queen within the next few weeks. Also, you cannot get this guide in the local stores and designed basically to work for women, so men are expected to exit this page.

Full Body Licious Testimonials

This workout manual has been given the thumbs up from a range of women from different ages as they explore the effectiveness of the techniques inside the system and are even already introducing the full body licious program to their friends and family.

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