My Forex Magic Wave: What Exactly Is This Program?

Written on:May 31, 2015
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My Forex Magic Wave: Creative Harmonic Trading & Magic IB System Video Course

My Forex Magic Wave Reviews: If you want to go into Forex trading but you feel you need to have a deep knowledge about it, then, you have done right thing by visiting this review page. This is because here in this review page, I shall be revealing to you a unique system called creative harmonic trading & magic IB system, which will help you get huge number of subscribers all over the world.

Here is a Quick Fact Sheet of Creative Harmonic Trading & Magic IB System Program Download

Product Name: My Forex Magic Wave

Author’s Name:

Official Website:

Customer’s Support: Excellent

Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back

Download Link: The Creative Harmonic Trading & Magic IB System Pdf Download

You might still be wondering what kind of system the Creative Harmonic Trading & Magic IB course would be but I want you to know that after you might have read through this detailed review, you will definitely have a full knowledge of how the forex trading works and how to be on top of the game.

But before I go into the full details My Forex Magic Wave: Creative Harmonic Trading & Magic IB System, I want you to know that you can CLICK HERE to obtain your own copy of My Forex Magic Wave. So, let’s continue.

Creative Harmonic TradingWhat Is Creative Harmonic Trading?

Creative harmonic trading is a proven method of Forex trading which will help you have a huge number of subscribers using it on daily basis all over the world. It’s based on technical analysis and it’s applied on forex charts using Harmonic Patterns like Bat, Gartley, Crab, and Butterfly patterns while indicators further confirming the entry points.

In creative harmonic trading system, you see the entry points realistically revealed with calculated control over entries and exits according to your needs while obtaining serious results. It’s not like only indicators or EAs that you just sit back and watch without knowing what’s happening behind the scenes with your blood pressure rising and your account falling.

Guess this is exactly what you’ve looking for right? Okay, let’s continue. You see, if you truly want to be on top of the game in forex trading, then, you also need to have a detailed knowledge of a system called Magic IB system.

Now, What Is This Magic IB System?

Magic IB System automates your trading to the desired level taking control of all the technical and volatility issues and gives you the control to tackle the unstructured nature of the Forex market so that you can enter and exit a trade as and when needed, peacefully and profitably.

Magic IB is a trading system based on EA, indicators and templates with underlying strategic calculations. This has been designed for both MT4 (MetaTrader 4) and Trading Station platforms separately to suit your requirements. The unique feature of the magic IB system is that it takes away the distracting volatility from the charts and gives you clear entry and exit points with IB (Inside Bar).

In addition, the above Creating Harmonic Trading patterns also confirm your entries in Magic IB System. Finally, with our ready- made “Before” charts you can enter a trade with peace of mind and being in full control and maximum accuracy.

What Will You Learn In The Creative Harmonic Trading And Magic IB System?

Inside the Creative Harmonic Trading, you will learn from how to set up your account, charts, and our indicators.

You will also learn how to pin point the developing Harmonic Patterns like Bat, Gartley, Crab, and Butterfly in different currency charts and time frames.

You will be taught how to identify, calculate and apply all the tools on the charts as learned in the course and draw up Harmonic Patterns on the charts in MT4.

At the same time, you will have access to 2 weeks free subscription to receive training and to watch and learn technical analysis in live webinars on developing setups in the Forex market with ready- made “Before” charts available for you to trade.

You will also be taught how to install the EA, indicators, and templates on your platform.

What You Get When You Order For The Full Package My Forex Magic Wave: Creative Harmonic Trading & Magic IB System Video Course

Ten comprehensive videos on creative harmonic trading & magic ib system.

Magic IB System EAs, indicators, and templates.

Free subscription for 2 weeks in which you will attend live webinars, receive ready-made “Before” charts in email to copy the trade, and can access our previous webinars for training and for developing setups.

Any Drawbacks Found In My Forex Magic Wave System?

The only con associated with my forex magic wave program is that you will need to have internet connection before and after you get the program and you will only have access to the creative harmonic trading & magic ib system video course on your PC.

So, if you do not have a PC, you might not be able to have access to my forex magic wave course.

Final Verdict

This forex magic wave video course will be enough for you to start you and establish in Forex market with confidence and you would be able to convert your losses into profits in a controlled manner. I wish you good luck in your trading and look forward to seeing you aboard.

I am so absolutely sure that Creative Harmonic Trading Video Course will help your Forex trading that we’re offering an unconditional. Now, you can be part of the successful forex traders by clicking on the link below.


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